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This collaborative project is a joint initiative between Global Classrooms® Washington, DC (GCDC), the Department of State’s U.S. Diplomacy Center and the Division of Youth Programs and Project Harmony. The goal of this project is to connect students from the Washington, DC public schools with their international peers. The goals of the Global Youth Ambassadors Project are:

1. Establish relationships between young people around the world
2. Celebrate the diversity of culture
3. Be an active participant in diplomacy
4. Establish networks that can be used to make a better world.
Two Topics to Choose from

The American and Azeri students will prepare and conduct a negotiation on a real life global issue while representing various players or stakeholders. The two topics are “HIV/AIDS in Botswana” and “Crisis in Darfur.” During the videoconferences between these two groups of high school students - one group from Washington DCPS (DC Public Schools) Wilson High School, and one group of students from Baku, Azerbaijan, participants will work collectively to address these issues, develop a plan of action and implement a service learning project in their local community around the issue chosen. The purpose of this project is to give young people the opportunity to contribute their voice in the international dialogue. The goal is to work collaboratively to develop a resolution, or plan of action to address a challenge facing the international community.

This project is divided into five phases:

Phase I Pre-Conference
Phase II Videoconference Part I – “Setting the Agenda”
Phase III Simulation Preparation
Phase IV Videoconference Part II – “Develop a Plan of Action”
Phase V Service Learning Project
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